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Palau Tiffany 2014 - 20xx Informations

The Tiffany series is the No. 1 collector series of the World ( except some chinese issues )


Beitrag der Münzenwoche vom 02.10.2014 - die grosse Erfolgsstory

LINK Tiffany Series Münzenwoche


2004 Liberia Gothik Art

Krause Publications mit dem Coin of the Year Award in der Kategorie „Innovativstes Konzept“

2005  Liberia Romanesque Art

2006          no issue 

2007 Palau Renaissance ( switching from Liberia to Palau )

2008 Palau Mannerism Art

2009    Tiffany BAROQUE Art      Mineral Art Amber Chamber FIRST ISSUE

2010 Tiffany ROCOCO Art     Mineral Art SAGRADA SPAIN

2011     Tiffany NEOCLASSICISM      Mineral Art Castle Neuschwanstein Germany

2012    Tiffany ALHAMBRA Spain     Mineral Art Kreml Kremlin Moscow

2013    Tiffany VENETIAN GOTHIC Italy     Mineral Art St.Peter Basilica Rome

2014    Tiffany BAROQUE Art Dresden Germany     Mineral Art  Taj Mahal India

2015   Tiffany NASRID STYLE Alhambra Spain     Mineral Art ?????????????


 2016 Jain Tempel


2017 Wells Katedrale


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