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1 oz Lunar Ziege 2015 Australien 1$ - Year of the Goat 1 oz Australia 21.70 € - 100er Pack 2155 €






The End of the Fiji Hawksbill and the New Niue Turtle 

now collector buying the old Taku with the only coat-of-arms Fiji sign

The coat of arms of Fiji is the heraldic device consisting of a shield dividend quarterly by Cross of St.George and charged with a gold lion at the top, supported by two Fijian warriors, one on each side, and topped with a canoe as the crest. Adopted in 1908 by a Royal Warrant, it has been the coat of arms of Fiji since that year, having been retained after independence in 1970. The escutcheon from the arms is featured on the flag of Fiji



Issues from The Royal Canadian Mint 08 - 2014

2014 Southern Sky Orion & WINDOWS OF HEAVEN Buenos Aires Silver Coin 10$ Cook Islands 2014



2014 2XAG Eight Horse 2oz Silver Coloured XAG Bar - famous coin bar from XAG ( Coinclub Australia )

Year of the Horse Coin Bar


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Issues August & September 2014

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